BUilding Projects

At Adafat, we bring together local and global expertise with the highest quality requirements when it comes to building projects. Our design competence covers all engineering disciplines for industrial and commercial buildings. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM), CAD, and other advanced analytical and digital techniques.

We have a strong track record from leveraging complete services for industrial buildings globally, but also cover private and public building projects, such as shopping centres, hospitals, sports arenas, office buildings and parking houses.


Infrastructure and Transportation projects are often constructed within complex urban environments which require work to be phased around existing operation.

At Adafat, we execute every project with a priority to quality, safety and time schedule, to guarantee it’s quality remains consistent and controlled, it’s job site safety protocols ensure protection for its staff and everyone around the construction sites.

Our service delivery in infrastructure and transportation projects goes beyond just the construction, and involves other associated aspect of the project such as waterline works, street lighting works, telecommunications works, interlock and curbstone works, soft landscaping works and so on.


We have demonstrated our capacity and experience in taking on irrigation projects as well as construction of drainage systems, in clearing and grubbing, erosion control, earth and rock excavation, clay lining, drainage layer, geotextile installation, gas and leachate collection systems, storm water drainage, protective cover, rooting zone and vegetative layer, seeding, weigh bridge and all associated roadwork and infrastructure.


For over a decade, Adafat has offered multi-discipline engineering, consulting and information management services to the energy and power sector. The majority of Adafat’s current activities are within the Energy & Power business and today Adafat is a preferred reliable partner in the industry.

We have supported to execution many power plant projects all over the African sub region for a wide range of industrial customers and have experience of engineering and documentation from more than 16 power plants. These projects include includes PV plants, Wind plants, Hydro Power plants, Biomass plants, and conventional energy power plants (coal, diesel, gas and heavy fuel).